About TCCP

Our Mission

Connecting members and organizations to promote technology and fuel economic development.

Our Goals

We take this opportunity very seriously by offering a variety of programs, events and services that:

  • Connect technologists from diverse industries, backgrounds and experiences with opportunities to learn, collaborate and innovate AND
  • Raise the profile of the technology community throughout the Central Pennsylvania region and beyond.

We are committed to offering an experience that directly benefits our members while positively impacting the broader technology industry throughout Central PA.

Our Method

In doing so, the following five priorities guide all our programming and partnerships:

Collaborate to Solve Strategic Problems

Does this program and / or partnership encourage the co-creation of solutions to problems that may be tech specific or where tech innovation may be a solution specific to an industry issue?

Recruit & Retain Diverse Talent

Does this program and / or partnership help employers recruit and retain diverse tech talent with a special focus on currently underrepresented groups within the Central PA tech community?

Stay Sharp with Peers

Does this program and / or partnership offer timely lifelong learning opportunities that will help tech producers and tech users stay connected to the latest trends, issues and innovations within an industry that is continuously changing?

Grow the Business

Does this program and / or partnership create opportunities that assist members with the cultivation of new business leads, improve business and hiring practices and raise their profile thereby improving their bottom line?

Promote the Region

Does this program and / or partnership help TCCP play a leading role in the promotion of the tech innovations and opportunities that exist throughout the region?


When you join the Technology Council of Central Pennsylvania, you will build partnerships and gain business development opportunities, become an influential voice for tech in our area, and enhance the economic development of the Central PA tech region. Learn more about TCCP’s member involvement and engagement opportunities today!