Women In Tech is an action-oriented initiative of the Technology Council of Central Pennsylvania with a clear goal – creating an inclusive and level playing field regardless of gender within the Central Pennsylvania technology industry. Our current efforts include quarterly programming, our annual Women In Tech Awards and our Women In Tech Mentoring program. Our quarterly events provide a variety of forums for learning, discussion, debate, collaboration and action. We believe this isn’t just a woman-issue or a man-issue, but an everyone-issue and is one that can only be overcome when we all work together.

Upcoming Women In Tech Breakfasts

Thursday, 5/2/2024, from 8:30am – 10am (IN-PERSON)  CLICK HERE TO REGISTER

Stripping Off the Labels: Overcoming Our Pasts To Embrace Our True, Authentic Selves

Everyone has a story. This is mine. One could assume it’s just a tale about a gal from a small town doing her best to escape and find happiness and true love. But this gal endured more than her fair share of family tragedy, longed for acceptance, and wished more than anything to strip away the labels stamped across her like a scarlet letter. It’s also about you. That’s right, you. We all wear labels from somewhere or someone. Do you like yours? Or should you be stripping them off as well? We don’t have to let the world define us or tell us who or what we can be. Yes, it’s my story. It could be yours as well. One thing is for sure…it ain’t no fairy tale!

Join us for an empowering Women in Tech Breakfast featuring a conversation with Reesy Neff, the CEO and founder of Omega Ecycles. As a woman entrepreneur in south central PA, Reesy leads a woman-owned business that offers free recycling and data destruction services for businesses in the region. Beyond her role as a business owner, Reesy is a published author, sharing her inspirational journey in “Stripping Off the Labels,” a memoir of her youth. However, the underlying message is to never let the world or anyone else tell you who you are or what you can accomplish. In addition to her solo venture, Reesy has co-authored “Becoming an Unstoppable Woman Mompreneur”. We are thrilled to welcome Reesy Neff, a valued TCCP Member, as our distinguished guest for this in-person Women in Tech Breakfast. This will be a morning of networking and conversations. Special Thanks to Capital Blue Cross for their sponsorship of the 2024 Women in Tech Breakfast series!