Women In Tech is an action-oriented initiative of the Technology Council of Central Pennsylvania with a clear goal – creating an inclusive and level playing field regardless of gender within the Central Pennsylvania technology industry.  Our current efforts include quarterly programming, our annual Women In Tech Awards and our Women In Tech Mentoring program.

Our quarterly events provide a variety of forums for learning, discussion, debate, collaboration and action.  We believe this isn’t just a woman-issue or a man-issue, but an everyone-issue and is one that can only be overcome when we all work together.

Upcoming Women In Tech Virtual Breakfasts

Tuesday, 2/15/2024, from 9am – 10am (VIRTUAL)  CLICK HERE TO REGISTER

Breaking Barriers: Miranda Moore’s Journey through STEM, Advocacy, and Unconscious Bias

Hailing from Harrisburg, PA, Miranda Moore is not only an accomplished Environmental Engineer and Sustainability Professional but also a gifted clarinet player, TCCP’s 2023 Women In Tech Awards emcee and the reigning Miss Pennsylvania 2023. Miranda is on a mission to shed light on the critical importance of environmental consciousness and the far-reaching consequences of our choices. In this engaging session, Miranda Moore will share her unique journey, experiences, and insights as she blends her STEM career with her role as Miss Pennsylvania 2023. Discover how Miranda’s advocacy for the environment intersects with her passion for science and technology and learn about the powerful impact individuals can make when equipped with the resources to make a difference. Miranda is a passionate advocate for women in STEM, and she’ll be facilitating a candid discussion on the critical topic of unconscious bias in the workplace. Join us to gain valuable insights into how these biases can influence women’s professional journeys and engage in an open exchange of ideas on how to address them effectively. This is a unique opportunity to engage with Miranda Moore and gain valuable insights that bridge the worlds of STEM and advocacy. Register now and prepare for a thought-provoking and inspiring discussion that will leave you motivated to make a positive impact in your own career and beyond.